Green Baby Mangos

Green Baby Mangos

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Crunchy, crispy, and sour. Consume at your own risk! 🤤 Great snack and great detox as “Asians” would say. IYKYK. 🫡😉

 Pair it with our famous umami “jeow” (we offer two sizes. 4oz and 8oz jars available for purchase) 

FYI: “Jeow” stands for “dip” in Laotian. 

ingredients includes: roasted peppers, roasted rice, palm sugar, fish sauce, crab paste, shrimp paste, fermented fish “padak” We also add our famous pepper chip crumbs for a crunchy satisfying taste and texture. (all ingredients is cooked) and ready to dip! 

Directions for prepping: clean mangos, (skin is preference) and can be consume if desire. Slice mangos in pieces soaked in ice cold water for an even crunchier texture! Enjoy.